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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Introduction to my Blog

Well I've finally ventured into having a blog so being new to this, please be patient. 
My aim for this is to share positive parts of my day to day life to hopefully inspire you, make you laugh and interest you.
You may of come across my blog from my website, Wings in the Night but if you haven't then check it out. You'll find lots of interesting, unusual and alternative clothing, Jewellery, figurines plus much more. My website isn't just a money making shop, it's my life, my interest and hobby in fact I love running it. 
As this blog progresses, you'll find what inspires me with running my website and how my spirituality has influenced a lot of the products I sell. Also I'll share with you the creative side of me, some of these products you'll find on my website including homemade Jewellery, bath salts, candles and pyrograhed items which I can't take all the credit for as my husband and business partner has helped making these.
Away from my computer I live a normal (whatever normal is) life which I'm also hoping to share the more interesting bits. I love reading so will share the books I read with you but my tastes are very varied. My other hobbies include bird/nature watching, fitness, spirituality, gardening and alternative healing. In fact this blog may be rather boring to some of you so I'll try to add some good humor and funny stories into it. 
If you have any suggestions or want to add you own comments then please feel free to do so but I will ask that you respect each others views and opinions especially when it comes to religious beliefs or controversial subjects as we are all individuals with our own opinions which must be respected. 
So on that note I hope you've all enjoyed the Diamond Jubilee today, got to be honest here, I sat to watch it earlier and within 10 minutes I was fast asleep. I woke a couple of hours later only to find it was still on and I hadn't actually really missed anything lol. 
Anyway I hope you all have a wonderful bank holiday weekend and feel free to share you Jubilee stories/pictures xx


  1. Welcome to the land of blog. Website looks interesting and you sell some good stuff.

  2. Thank you Richard, you're the first on here to comment so Welcome to you as well. I hope you'll find it interesting and glad you like my site.